Air dating

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Air dating

Then users are suggested to update their status and let everybody around know their travel plans.

Before taking off, users can share their itineraries and find travelers that are going to be on the same flight.

He has the absurd hair of a Christian rock musician from the early 2000s.

Then I realize he may have a wife, as I watch him round the corner with a blonde woman and wedding band. I shoot him a disapproving stare and put my phone in my back pocket.

Making my way across the country, I keep checking Air Dates.

There's a smattering of folks in the Denver airport and a promising herd on arrival in San Francisco (this is tech land, after all). As I oscillate between curious and disappointed, I keep thinking about how I'm surrounded by all these nondigital, naturally occurring pockets of small talk between strangers, families or friends. It's pretty easy to scan the airport and eventually lock eyes with someone, offering a come-hither look and a stale joke about the TSA. If small talk happens so easily, why would anyone want to use Air Dates?

After all, George Clooney kinda sorta found love in 2009's "Up in the Air." Richards is not going to guarantee you my parents' blissful 32 years of marriage, a charming daughter and an emotionally unavailable cat, though."We're much more party than wedding," he says coyly. Now, Air Dates isn't the only airport- and travel-centric social or dating app.

I keep looking around thinking how I'm privy to their secret desire for a little more than a window seat.

Almost immediately, I recognize one of them from the baggage-check line.

CEO Michael Richards tells me on the floor at Tech Crunch Disrupt that he got the idea while he was traveling a lot himself during a break from work."I was using a lot of Tinder and all that, but never in flight," Richards said.

"It was a pity losing so much time inflight."People are intrigued enough by the idea of a chance meeting, he said.

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I might as well dispense with the romance, wistfulness and class of it all and see what's out there. Air Dates launched its "public beta" last year and has about 10,000 users, so my prospects might be slim to begin with.

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