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As you can see that is one inefficient code, but it works just fine.Take note however, above is not a full line function, it only draws properly in the second octant region.It is one of the earliest algorithms developed in the field of computer graphics.A minor extension to the original algorithm also deals with drawing circles.I recently implemented Bresenham’s line algorithm in C# as part of a new game I am developing. I particularly like the interface of returning the points on the line as an IEnumerable.

But first let us look on the similarities in different octants.

Before we begin impementing the algorithm, it is advisable to revise the method for drawing line in an inefficient way.

This can help lay out the fundamentals of line algorithm, and is very useful since bresenham algorithm itself is an extension of the inefficient one anyway.

The fact of the matter is that dating sites have barely scratched the surface in doing what's possible in matching engines, for two reasons:1) They're not actually that interested in whether you make a match or not, and2) They're more focused on acquiring users as cheaply as possible, and an expensive-to-build awesome algorithm doesn't really help this.

This is a Java Program to Implement Bresenham Line Algorithm.

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The outcome would be that we would score every potential match and only deliver to the users, the ones that we believe are compatible based on our research.

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