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But then she died in 2011, so now Camilo was without a drinking buddy.In her memory, he is keeping Jack Daniels in business, for it was her favorite drink. It turns out that everyone who came to his last concerts just went there to have a laugh at his expense, as Sesto was drunk the whole time.Unexpectedly Sesto announced his retire in 1985 giving rise to speculations about the reason of leaving an impressive career.Nevertheless the artist returned in 1991 releasing A Voluntad Del Cielo followed by Amor Sin Vértigo.El sexto lugar en votación lo ocupó Julián Gallo o Carlos Antonio Lozada (818).

Eventually he just gave up and looked for something to drink.Youtube MP3is the best online service for converting videos to mp3.You only need to input Video URL, we will download and convert it to mp3 for you, and will give the final link for you to download.He was Jesus, for obvious reasons, namely, that he would get to turn the water into wine. Later, in a terribly awkward song, there is a mondegreen. Later that year, the fan gave birth to a boy, and somehow, Sesto took the child away from her.He also did all the music in this production, including one called Getsemaní (Gethsemane), in which you can hear some impossibly high pitched screams. Basically, it goes like this: Camilo was like, "Sweetie, can I borrow the kid?

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