Dating springfield armory model 1903a1 and north county dating

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- Formerly Director of Civilian Marksmanship (DCM).Info on how to buy M1 and some other items direct from govt.The even offer "Homework Help" on Civil War topics.- Highly recommended source for insurance for your gun or militaria collection.

Many available M1795 flint through trapdoor with nearly every type of Civil War era gun.He wrote the book that the rest of us refer to constantly.Always an interesting variety of items in his 118 catalogs dating back to 1952, and now available on his new web site.Good rates, excellent coverage options, and prompt settlement of claims.Marc and John both insure their collections and business inventory with this firm, and we think you deserve the best too. (Note: Not currently available in California due to their unique requirements. They didn't think it would happen in Australia either!

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If you like guns, you should be moving anyway and escape from la-la land.) Nice Australian site with extensive offering of items, also fake plastic pistols, real guns that have been welded to be inoperable, all the sort of nonsense that the anti-gunners would like to impose on U. -Their annual May gun show is the BESST DISPLAY show in the country, even better than Baltimore.

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