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2 The process by which one shares one’s sexuality or gender identity with others (to “come out” to friends, etc.)– noun : referring to a masculine presenting lesbian.While often used derogatorily, it can is adopted affirmatively by many lesbians (both more masculine and more feminine presenting lesbians not necessarily masculine ones) as a positive self-identity term.emotional attraction – noun : a capacity that evokes the want to engage in romantic intimate behavior (e.g., sharing, confiding, trusting, interdepending), experienced in varying degrees (from little-to-none, to intense).: a way to describe someone who expresses gender in a more feminine/masculine way.

This attraction does not have to be equally split or indicate a level of interest that is the same across the genders or sexes an individual may be attracted to.butch – noun & adj.

: experiencing little or no sexual attraction to others and/or a lack of interest in sexual relationships/behavior.

Asexuality exists on a continuum from people who experience no sexual attraction or have any desire for sex, to those who experience low levels, or sexual attraction only under specific conditions, and many of these different places on the continuum have their own identity labels (see demisexual).

: an individual who is not open to themselves or others about their (queer) sexuality or gender identity.

This may be by choice and/or for other reasons such as fear for one’s safety, peer or family rejection or disapproval and/or loss of housing, job, etc.

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