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Look closely at the silhouetted background of the Busted Bayou level near the K in KONG, and you can see Samus Aran's Gunship lodged between the trees.

Must've been that baby Metroid messing with the controls again.

*ahem*We collected 100 of the greatest Easter Eggs that were ever secreted away in gaming history, and compiled them here for your easy browsing.

Nintendo has never been one to shy away from stealthily cross-referencing its various franchises between games.Later on in the same level, you'll encounter two contained Chestbuster specimens that are now outfitted with that same hat and cane.This is a reference to the Back in the old days, Atari didn't allow video game programmers to credit their full names.Connected to Quincy Sharp's office in Batman: Arkham Asylum is a secret room.To reach it, you have to place several applications of explosive foam, and using detective vision doesn't unveil the location of the weak wall.

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Boot up the "c1a1c" map (the last segment of the Unforeseen Consequences chapter), then activate -noclip mode to let Gordon Freeman pass freely through the level geometry.