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I fixed it right now.https://rcs.pfsense.org/projects/pfsense/repos/mainline/commits/4cc233748fa7e79ac743364404152b7685c81288Beaware that fastforwarding and CP will never work together on pf Sense from now on.* The CW-600S has a Cx24138 processor and 2MB flash memory, the CW-600S Premium has a Cx24142 processor and 4mb flash memory.What was new at that time is the patch that was backed out of the firmware updates I built above, and it will also be gone from the next new snapshot.I deactivated the patch in our repo and started the builders on a new run late this afternoon.Whenever I activate captive portal, the user is not redirected anymore to the portal page and so, no internet joy.When I deactivate captive portal, internet connection is working fine.I tried reinstalling from scratch using the same snapshot but no joy too. Hello, the probleme is present for me too with build on : built on Tue Dec 14 EST 2010and the probleme is not present befor to upgrad (with a snapshot from around the 3 or 4 decembre ? hope that can help As a test, I have built a custom firmware image without the TSO patch that Chris mentioned.

In the SFX options: I use absolute path, something like: %USERPROFILE%\App Data\Local\com\thenewkid\appname\ Under "Modes" you can select "Hide All" in Silent Mode.

Please refer to the wiki for installation instructions MITMf aims to provide a one-stop-shop for Man-In-The-Middle and network attacks while updating and improving existing attacks and techniques.

Originally built to address the significant shortcomings of other tools (e.g Ettercap, Mallory), it's been almost completely re-written from scratch to provide a modular and easily extendible framework that anyone can use to implement their own MITM attack. ) For example, here's a stupid little filter that just changes the destination IP address of ICMP packets: You will probably want to combine that with the Spoof plugin to actually intercept packets from someone else ;) Note: you can modify filters on-the-fly without restarting MITMf!

You can now modify any packet/protocol that gets intercepted by MITMf using Scapy!

I upgraded to the latest snapshot 14 December but it failed the captive portalaccess.

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It will probably be late tonight or early tomorrow AM before the new image sets are uploader, give it a try tomorrow and see if it works. As soon as I enable captive portal there is no redirect and no more internet access on that interface.