Updating motherboard bios

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If you hit the ENTER key, you get the screen below.This is the screen where you set the system clock and set several of the drive parameters.Before I go any further, I should tell you that you should not go into the BIOS unless you either know what you're doing or you're working on a computer that is unimportant to you or anyone who may need it.While it's relatively difficult to destroy data by changing values in the BIOS, it IS easy to make changes that would prevent the computer from booting.The information in the BIOS allows the computer to interface with the monitor, keyboard and mouse (among other things) until the OS can take over.The BIOS is stored on a small IC that has a small amount of flash memory.

If you ever make a BIOS change that prevents the computer from booting, you can clear the CMOS memory with the 'clear CMOS' jumper.This is the first page you'll see when you get into this particular BIOS. Other computer manufacturers produce their own BIOS software/firmware.The appearance and features of the various BIOS configurations from various manufacturers vary significantly. Above, you can see that the 'Standard CMOS Features' is selected.Generally, there is no mouse capability in the BIOS.Most all interaction uses the up/down arrows, the page up/down buttons and the ENTER key.

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