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When working with a module, you can perform the validation on the Master File (the file that references that module) and you can also perform multiple validations on various files or with various processors.Suppose that you are working with a large XML document that you decide to split into multiple files and use external entities to merge those files into a master document.

They also allow you to work with modules and perform multiple validations with one action.When creating XML documents, errors can be introduced.Working with large projects or a vast number of files increases the probability that errors will occur.For example, when editing a schema, there are 6 XML Schema processors that Oxygen supports and others can also be added as external processors.Oxygen validates your schema against all of the processors in one action.

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For instance, you can have an XSLT stylesheet that makes a reference to a named template or variable that is not defined in the current file, but it is defined in the Master File that includes the XSLT stylesheet.

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