Vulvadynia dating

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Vulvadynia dating

Do not think this is thrush, because the presence of a white discharge without symptoms is not normally infectious or of concern.

Women who are pregnant are more prone to thrush infections and this is by far the commonest infection in pregnancy.

I have a 5 point scale from ‘blood red and sore without touching’ at 5 to ‘pink and not sore or itchy’ at 1.

My vulva has been at a 4 or 5 for several days now.

Remember, everyone's pain is individual; what will happen to one woman will not necessarily happen to another.

This is not about minimizing or denying, this is about figuring out what I as a survivor or we all as survivors can find to compensate for* this thing we’ve been handed to deal with.I’d love to hear in the comments about what ‘earned benefits’ or silver lining items (no matter how ironic or backhanded) other survivors can think of about being a childhood sexual abuse or assault survivor.Many members have written to us requesting advice on vulval pain during pregnancy and shared with us their personal experiences.Apparently regular pathologists aren’t good at reading vulvar biopsies because the moist skin shows skin diseases differently than regular dry skin.Anyhow, as expected, the emotional and physical gunk is coming up to clear. I’m re-reading Malcolm Gladwell‘s ‘David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants‘, a book about the of being an underdog, or how sometimes an advantage is not an advantage.

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If you develop a vaginal thrush infection, then itching followed by soreness and discharge (white — like milk curds) is what normally follows. Unfortunately, treatments like fluconazole are not licensed for use in pregnancy and should be avoided.

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