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The most famous among the rulers of this period was Mai Idris Alooma.

As a result of persistent Fulani onslaughts and the inability of the Seifawa rulers to repel the attacks, Gazargamo was burnt down forcing the people to move further eastwards to Kafela where they again settled and built a capital.

Agriculture and livestock farming which are the main stay of the state's economy have vast developmental potentials.

This town remained the centre of Borno culture and supremacy for well over 300 years.

There, the emirs of the former Kanem-Bornu Empire have played a part in the politics of this area for nearly 1000 years.

Borno State occupies the greater part of the Chad Basin and is located in the North-Eastern corner of Nigeria.

The succeeding power intrigues between the Seifawa and El-Kanemi resulted in the destruction of both Kafela and Kukawa, El-Kanemi's town and the execution of the last Seifawa ruler in 1846.

El-Kanemi's son, Umar, then succeeded to the Seifawa Kingship and consolidated the capital of Borno at kukawa, making Borno in the process, once more a State and one that caught the attention of European States.


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